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Our 51st Ave clinic offers a variety of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture from some of the best physiotherapists, and massage therapists in Edmonton. Let us help you on your journey. Come join 40,000 patients and counting since 1999.

Cory Choma

PT, CGIMS, Clinical Specialist (Pain) (Senior Physiotherapist)

Cory has been in clinical practice since 1996 and is a founding member of CSA. He is one of only 4 Clinical Specialists in Pain Science in Canada and one of a handful of people awarded an ISTOP (Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain) Honorary Fellowship. Cory has been teaching GunnIMS domestically and internationally since 2003 and is a senior instructor for the Continuing Professional Development branch of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. GunnIMS is appropriate for stubborn, recurrent or longstanding pain that appears to be resistant to treatment and has a significant peripheral neuropathic component. Cory and Dr. S. Goodman are contributing authors in the text ‘Trigger Point Dry Needling: An Evidenced and Clinical-Based Approach’ where they present a chapter on GunnIMS. In addition to his chronic pain management practice, Cory has great experience helping injured athletes return to sport.

Designations: Clinical Specialist (Pain Science); Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy; Certified Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (Instructor); Honorary Fellow of the Institute for the Study & Treatment of Pain; Injury Management Consultant, Alberta Auto Injury Program; Registered member of Alberta’s dry needling roster.

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Melissa Hann

PT (Physiotherapist)

Melissa was educated in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia  and has been practicing in Edmonton for a number of years. She treats a variety of both acute and chronic orthopedic conditions including strains, sprains, neck and back injuries. She has nourished a keen interest in dizziness and vertigo working through course work material and specific mentorship in this area. She has experience helping individuals of all ages and of many sports. She has a strong passion for helping people become motivated and more active in their daily life. Treatment techniques will consist of education on how to improve your physical health, a strong education component, hands-on therapy, active exercise, taping and modalities (heat/ice, etc.) as required.

Designations: Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Lynne Dey

PT (Physiotherapist)

Lynne treats injuries ranging from sprains/ strains to fractures/ dislocations to chronic conditions. She has extensive experience in post-surgical and post-trauma rehabilitation. Additionally, she has knowledge in the area of hand and wrist injuries. Lynne provides treatment that may include manual therapy (hands on treatment), education on managing your injury, exercise prescription and therapeutic modalities. Lynne has a lengthy background in figure skating and has a unique understanding of the injured athlete.

Outside of the world of physiotherapy Lynne is involved in figure skating as a judge – from the grassroots local level to the international elite level.

Designations: Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Carli Bennett

PT (Physiotherapist)

Carli is a graduate of the physical therapy program right here in Edmonton, and is excited to be working in outpatient orthopedic practice.. She treats all varieties of acute and chronic orthopaedic conditions and is particularly interested in sports injuries. Her treatment techniques primarily include education on how to manage your injury, hands-on therapy as required and exercise. Carli also works in acute care at the Misericordia Community Hospital, where she works with a variety of medical and post-surgical in-patients.

Designations: Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Leanne Jacobs

PT (Physiotherapist)

Leanne completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in Australia. She treats both acute and chronic orthopaedic conditions including strains, sprains, neck and back injuries. Treatment techniques include manual therapy, education, exercise prescription, taping, and therapeutic modalities as required.

Leanne’s background in Kinesiology provides her the ability to set up injury specific exercise programs for her patients. Leanne also has a passion for figure skating and has been involved in developing and carrying out off-ice programs for young skaters.

Designations: Master of Science in Physical Therapy

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Anhtu Huynh

PT, BSc.PMCOL, CGIMS, CAFCI, (Physiotherapist)

Anhtu graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology in 1995, followed by Bachelors of Physiotherapy in 1999. Before joining CSA physiotherapy, Anhtu successfully owned and operated Interactive Health Physiotherapy in Calgary. He has extensive training in all forms of treatment and pain management.  His therapy sessions follow a comprehensive hands on approach that includes intramuscular stimulation (IMS), manual therapy (spinal manipulations), followed by modalities and exercises. He strongly encourages clients to follow the exercise regime given to maintain improvements and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.  Anhtu has a special interest in treating complex spinal conditionsathletic injurieswhiplash, and repetitive stress injuries. Anhtu has been involved in the treatment of many athletes and loves being involved in running, weight lifting, and basketball.

DesignationsBachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1999), Bachelors of Science in Pharmacology (1995), Certified Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation, Injury Management Consultant for Alberta Auto Injury Program, Registered Member of IMS Needling and Manipulative Roster.

Other Languages Spoken: Vietnamese

Michelle Bibeau

PT (Physiotherapist Intern)
Michelle is a graduate of the Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy program from the University of Alberta. Prior to studying in Edmonton, she attended the University of Windsor completing a Bachelor of Human Kinetics, majoring in Movement Science and graduating with Honours with Distinction. 
Michelle provides treatment for a variety of orthopaedic conditions to patients of all ages. She enjoys treating patients with work and sport injuries, as well as those injured in motor vehicle accidents. She takes particular interest in working with dancers, as she has many years of dance training and experience.
Her treatments will include therapeutic exercise, modalities (i.e. heat, Ultrasound, IFC), manual therapy, and home exercise programs. She strives to provide her patients with a specialized program targeting their specific condition and goals. 
Designations: Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Major in Movement Science, Honours with Distinction)
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Josh Lehman


Josh completed his Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. With an extensive background in athletics and exercise physiology, Josh has a keen interest in restoring normal movement and assisting patients to enhance their functional capacity. Josh firmly believes in an active and holistic approach to recovery, with a focus on education, exercise-prescription, lifestyle management, manual therapy, and acupuncture.

Designations: Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology), Registered Member of Alberta’s Spinal Manipulation Roster, Currently Completing Acupuncture Canada Certification.

Heather Gionet

RMT (Massage Therapist)

Heather believes that massage therapy combined with a healthy lifestyle can promote well-being and reduce stress. She incorporates a variety of techniques into her treatments including trigger point massage, PNF/muscle energy techniques, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and thermal therapy to ensure each session is uniquely suited to the patient’s needs.

Designations: Registered Massage Therapist, Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Nicole Petryliak

RMT (Massage Therapist)

A graduate of Grant MacEwan’s esteemed Massage Therapy program, Nicole is trained and passionate about catalyzing the treatment of pain. She welcomes all ages and physical challenges and fills her treatments with a unique focus that both relaxes and caters to the therapeutic needs of each patient. Nicole’s top interests are athletic, pre and post natal, and chronic pain; though she offers treatment options for all conditions including: Myofascial, Lymphatic Drainage, Parent Guidance/Infant Massage, Joint Mobilization and Pain, and Digestion – while specializing in Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy. 

Designations: Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage 

Mark Cocks

Personal Trainer

Krysta Forest

Personal Trainer

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