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Headache / Concussion / Dizziness


The cause of headaches can be complex and involve diet, posture, medication useage, your neurological system or a host of other problems.  Diagnosing your headache is often done by your family doctor, or a specialist.  There are times when your headache is related to your neck, back or jaw.  In these cases, physiotherapy, acupuncture or massage therapy can be very helpful to reduce the factors that trigger the pain.


It has only been in this past decade that the medical community has begun to appreciate the role of physiotherapy in concussion management.  The research shows that virtually everyone who suffers a concussion also suffers from some degree of neck injury.  (If you hit your head hard enough to have a concussion, there’s enough force there to injure the delicate joints of your neck as well). 

Treating the neck can reduce many (and sometimes all) of the symptoms of concussion.  In addition, dizziness and balance / coordination issues can be addressed through specific body, joint, inner ear and visual exercises.


There are many causes of dizziness.  Some respond very well to a specific type of physiotherapy: Vestibular Rehabilitation.  These therapists have advanced training, and will assess your spine, nervous system and inner ear to determine the source of your dizziness. 

Some types of dizziness can be resolved in one or two visits.  Others can be managed with home exercises and advice from your therapist.  Your therapist will discuss your case with you and provide treatment options, and will even communicate with your family physician regarding further testing or referrals that might be required.

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