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How much do things cost?


Assessments are $105 to $160 and require 30-60 min depending on your condition.  (Some conditions require a longer appointment and cost more, and this would be explained to you at the time of booking).

Treatments are between $75 to $1o5 depending on your condition. Generally, simple injuries require a standard appointment, and more complex cases require a longer appointment. The billing reflects this and will be discussed once you’ve been in for your assessment.

Through the Alberta Health Services (AHS) program, there is a limited amount of funding for physical therapy. AHS offers funding for your initial assessment. As funding is very limited in this program, there may be a wait time for your assessment. Please call our office and the receptionist will explain the AHS Program funding and how it applies to you.

When you opt out of the AHS program, we are usually able to see you for assessment within 3 days, and sooner if its an emergency.

Occupational Therapy

AHS does not pay for occupational therapy, and few insurers provide coverage specifically for OT (though it is covered under most flexible medical spending accounts).


These are not covered by AHS, but often your insurance plan will cover them, providing you have a doctors prescription.

Splint prices range from $30 to $200 depending on the specific type. Custom foot orthotics start at $400.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture visits cost $85.  Cosmetic acupuncture visits cost $120.  For children under 18, acupuncture costs $60.

(Note: if your acupuncture is provided by one of our physiotherapists, it will be billed as a physiotherapy visit, and will incur the costs noted above under “Physiotherapy”.)

Intramuscular Stimulation

This is performed by a physiotherapist and is billed as physiotherapy (insurers will reimburse for it if your plan covers physiotherapy). AHS may cover part of the assessment, but there is a wait list due to limited AHS funding. You can bypass the waitlist by opting out of AHS.

IMS costs $95 to $105 per session depending on the location.

Massage Therapy
  • 30 min: $50.00
  • 60 min: $85.00
  • 90 min: $130.00

AHS does not pay for massage. Your insurance company may pay, but you would have to find out what coverage you have. Most often, you must pay for your treatment up front and send the bills in for reimbursement.

Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation
  • It is recommended that you be assessed by one of our physiotherapists no later than 10 days after your accident. If your injury qualifies, you will receive treatment under “The Protocols”. We bill your auto insurance company directly. It is very convenient for you.
  • If your injury does not qualify, you will receive treatment under the Section B portion of your auto insurance. In this case, you usually must pay for your treatments yourself, and send your bills in for reimbursement.
  • If your accident was some time ago, your claim may be closed. If that is the case, you will be required to pay for your treatments up front.
Workers Compensation Claims

If you are an injured worker that would like to attend therapy at CSA Physiotherapy, please contact the location closest to you.

South Edmonton

10947 – 23 Avenue
Edmonton , AB
T6J 7B9

Tel: 780-988-5803
Fax: 780-988-5804


Grandin Plaza

#508, 1 Tache Street
St. Albert, AB
T8N 1B4

Tel: 780-458-0255
Fax: 780-460-9796


51st Avenue

10393-51 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6H 0K4

Tel: 780-989-9789
Fax: 780-989-9788


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