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Hip pain in middle age. What now?

Posted on: March 9th, 2018 by Jeffrey Begg

Hip PainAre you between 30 and 60 with persistent groin or hip pain?  That’s not normal.  You have to stop ignoring that.  Getting your hip assessed by an experienced physiotherapist can help preserve your hip for a healthy lifespan.  Here’s a few things to understand.

Preserving your hip

Hips wear out in different ways.  Sometimes the joint itself and the cartilage covering the bones wears down.  That’s osteoarthritis.  There are some ways you can reduce your risk for that.  Other times the tendons around the hip get weak, degenerate, and start to fray and tear.  In either scenario, the really important thing to understand is that you can preserve your hip longer by making corrections to how you stand, your hip flexibility, and most importantly, how strong your key hip muscles are.

Hip pain and posture

Bad hip posture

Can you tell how bad the hip posture is?

You might be surprised how much hip posture varies between people, and what role it plays in your hip pain.  Can you tell in this photo how bad the hip posture is?  Take a close look at the level of the shorts – see how the right leg looks lower than the left?  That’s because she is standing with her LEFT hip in terrible posture.  This is really common, and is really bad for hips.  (Think of a mother holding her baby on her hip while standing talking to a friend at the park)  Correcting that posture is not easy.  Not only is the habit hard to break, but there is commonly a great degree of muscle weakness that makes it hard to hold the proper posture.

Deal with it early

Hips often become painful only after many years of slow postural wear on them.  That means that once you start getting symptoms of hip pain, your hip may already be quite weak.  Clinical experience shows us that the sooner you start correcting things, the easier it is to reverse the process.  In other words, the less time you’ll need to spend on exercises, and the less money you’ll need to spend on treatments.

Pay attention to your body.  When your hip is bothersome and not settling, that’s a warning signal to do something about it.  After all, your job in middle age is to preserve your joints as long as you can.


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