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How Can Physiotherapy Help Your Athletic Performance?

Posted on: September 20th, 2018 by Bradley Green

If you’ve ever had an injury keep you away from what you love to do or from achieving your athletic goals, you’ll want to know what physiotherapy can do to help (hint:  quite a bit.  It’s kind of what we do).  Throughout my years of competing in various sports, I have learned a lot about how to train while dealing with injuries. This blog will explain how physiotherapy can help you reach your athletic goals, in spite of injury or soreness.

Injury management and recovery

The fact that physio helps you recover from injury might seem obvious.  Even so, it is the bread and butter of what we do as a profession. If your training or competitive season has been derailed due to an injury, physiotherapy can help you. We use a variety of treatments to help get you back to what you love as quickly as possible. With a thorough assessment, it is likely that we can find appropriate ways for you to continue doing some activity or training that will be meaningful and get you back to achieving your goals.  Even while recovering from injury.

Assessing deficits and injury prevention

Maybe you’ve heard the buzzword “prehab” used by different athletes but don’t really know what it means. Prehab refers to utilizing some form of structured corrective exercises even though you might not have an injury. It’s like treating an injury before it happens.  Quite often, aches and pains during training and competing might be warning signs of potential injury. Having a physiotherapist look at the way you move can help to reduce your risk of injury. First we uncover the ‘movement faults’ that negatively affect your performance.  Then we’ll come up with a structured and personalized plan to correct how you move.

Utilizing some specific prehab exercises to reduce your risk of injury can often help you preserve your muscles and joints.  This keeps you doing what you love for longer!


Having a structured plan and idea about how to modify your training throughout the year is vital.  It helps in optimizing your performance and preventing injury. Adhering to the key principles of strength and conditioning will enable us to come up with a structured plan to vary your training throughout the year. If you are unsure if your current programming is respecting the principles of training, I can help! I have lots of experience creating programs for all types of athletes.  I ensure they are always specific and personalized to your goals and needs.

If you are having a hard time reaching your performance goals or think you might just need a little bit of assistance, maybe it’s time you consider physiotherapy.

– Brad

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