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Joint injuries in kids.

Posted on: October 15th, 2019 by Jeffrey Begg

Adolescence shouldn’t hurt.

Watching your child suffer knee or hip or back pain while they are playing their sport is frustrating.  Both for them, and for you, the parent.  While it is common for us adults to have a sore joint from years of abuse or inactivity, kids generally should not hurt.  And certainly not on a continual basis over 3 months or longer.

Why do kids joints hurt?

Very occasionally, there is a birth-related anomaly causing pain.  I screen your child for things like scoliosis (spinal curvature), knock-knees or bow-leggedness (usually a hip socket problem) or other ‘congenital’ issues.  But most often, your child is hurting for a simple reason.  They are doing more activity than their growing tissues can handle.

The 2-step process to recovery.

Step 1 is reducing activity. This might mean a change in what you allow them to do recreationally, so that they can save their efforts for their sport or recreational activity.  I generally will give you some ideas of what specific things should be avoided for the specific joint issue at fault.  Sometimes, a reduction in the number of practices or training sessions is important.  That’s a tough decision, and I’ll help you decide if that is necessary.

Often times, a child can continue with small changes to their activity level, as long as they are doing the right kind of physio.  This is step 2: learning the right exercises to make the muscles and joints stronger.  When they increase their capacity for stress and strain, your child will no longer hurt.  

Sometimes, this takes as little as 3 weeks of homework.  I always send your child home with a written list of exercises and photos once I have taught them how to properly do them.  The exercises involve stretching the hip in the proper direction, strengthening the hip where it is weak, and changing the posture of the hips and legs during activity.  In tougher cases, your child may need to work on physio exercises in the clinic with me, and at home for 2-3 months to really correct the problems.

The right kind of physio program can keep your child on the playing field or in the dance studio, and help prevent nagging injuries.  Sometimes, a kid just needs to get back to being a kid!  That’s what I’m here for.


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