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My pelvic floor just isn’t the same after babies

Posted on: September 25th, 2018 by Carli Bennett

Baby, pelvic floorI have had babies.  I get it.

When I began working as a physiotherapist I never thought pelvic health would be the field for me. And then I had a baby… and another baby… and things just didn’t feel the same down there as they did before. Not only this, I also had lots of ‘mom’ friends that noticed the same things in themselves. I quickly became much more interested in learning about how to help women with these challenges.

Sometimes, it’s more complicated than just doing Kegel exercises.

Whether you leak when you exercise, have to pee way too often, or just feel like you really shouldn’t do a jumping jack, there is help!  So-called “Kegel exercises” are an important part of training, but it can be difficult to know if you are doing them properly, or even doing them at all. If you are already doing Kegels, are you doing enough? Are you doing them hard enough to make a difference or are you doing them too hard? Are your pelvic floor muscles scarred from giving birth? Is your pelvic floor actually too tight and therefore needs to be relaxed before it can be strengthened?

Getting your pelvic floor back to ‘normal’

Physiotherapy for your pelvic floor can help you feel comfortable again: doing the activities you want to do, without fear of leaking or causing damage to your pelvic floor. Progressive muscle training, massage, education (and more) can help you to meet your goals. As a colleague of mine mentioned in an earlier post, while it is common to have these challenges after babies, it does not have to be normal, and it certainly doesn’t have to be your normal!  That’s where I come in.


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