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Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Did you know that your initial Physiotherapy session (called an “assessment”) is automatically covered under the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulations for car accidents?

We know that the process of making a claim can be complex. From the insurance company adjuster to our case managers and treatment coordinators, we will facilitate communication and payment of therapy through your insurance company.

We have been working hand in hand with insurance companies, lawyers, doctors and other medical professionals for decades.  What seems complex and frustrating to you is business as usual for us.  Let us help take the stress out of the whole process for you.  

In many cases, you will be covered and enjoy direct payment for treatment costs for up to 90 days post accident or up to a pre determined number of treatments, so long as the paperwork is done correctly.  Let us help.  It’s what we do. 

You do not need to see a doctor first. As an industry leader in the management of auto accident injuries, the CSA advantage is that your case will be individually managed by an experienced Physiotherapist with unique skills for dealing with the diagnosis and treatment process.

Your treatment may include some combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, concussion management and treatment for dizziness or vertigo. Sometimes it is necessary to refer you to other medical professionals for treatment as well.

If you need any equipment to assist in your recovery, we have supplies on hand and can usually provide them directly to you. The insurance companies allows for a certain amount of funding for rehab supplies as part of your claim.

What if I’ve been discharged from treatment yet still have pain?

Insurance regulations require that your insurer cover any and all medically necessary treatment for up to 2 years post-accident.  If you’ve been discharged by your treatment provider, and feel that you still have not make a full recovery, we can help.  Call us to ask us how.

Our clinics enjoy the leadership of certified Musculoskeletal and Pain Science  Clinical Specialists, highly experienced Senior Physiotherapists as well as Dr. Lloyd Tapper, a leader in regenerative medicine procedures such as Prolotherapy.

Book your appointment at the nearest CSA clinic to you. 

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