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Seniors Fitness Test

Are you over the age of 60 and interested in maintaining your physical health as long as you can?

Less than 25% of seniors get enough exercise to maintain their physical health.

The Seniors Fitness Test is a simple way to assess your current level of fitness and find out where you are compared to others.  (We compare you to others of the same age and gender, to be fair)  From this, you can appreciate what you need to work on to prevent a decline in your physical function in the coming years.

Challenging yourself this way can help show you where you are in your fitness level.  Many seniors find themselves gaining a new motivation after doing the Seniors Fitness Test. Knowing how you compare to others can help you pay more attention to your general activity level.  This can prevent problems as you age.

Once we ensure there are no health issues to prevent you from doing the test, you will fill out some basic health information, and then you will meet with one of our rehabilitation staff members.

The tests are fairly simple and will take 20 minutes to complete (you can even do it if you are 90!).  You do not need to bring any special clothing.  After the test we’ll provide you with your “report card” with some recommendations for healthier living.

Offered at our South Edmonton and CSA on 51st Ave locations.

South Edmonton

10947 – 23 Avenue
Edmonton , AB
T6J 7B9

Tel: 780-988-5803
Fax: 780-988-5804


Grandin Plaza

#508, 1 Tache Street
St. Albert, AB
T8N 1B4

Tel: 780-458-0255
Fax: 780-460-9796


51st Avenue

10393-51 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6H 0K4

Tel: 780-989-9789
Fax: 780-989-9788


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