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When the room starts spinning

Posted on: September 25th, 2019 by Jessica Shannon

When the room starts spinningdizziness vertigo

Some types of dizziness can be treated by physiotherapists

Did you roll out of bed one day and the room started spinning??? Have you felt nauseous and sick to your stomach after tilting your head or looking up or under something? Do these symptoms last for a few minutes and then disappear?? You may be suffering from a case of dizziness or vertigo. 

Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness and many systems can contribute to dizziness, so it takes an in-depth assessment to determine the cause and treatment for your case. Certain physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat certain types of vertigo. 

What causes dizziness?

Three main systems contribute to balance. When one or more of those systems are not working correctly it can result in dizziness and the sense of being off balance. Those three systems are 1) Vision 2) Inner ear apparatus and 3)  Body awareness. A physiotherapist can assess all of these systems and determine an individualized treatment plan for your particular needs or refer you to the appropriate specialist, so you can live your best life!


Treatment may include a variety of exercises including head and eye movements, balance and strategies to reduce symptoms. More specifically, very specific head turning / rolling maneuvers may need to be applied to treat your type of vertigo.  That requires a specially trained physiotherapist.

Vertigo requires an intensive hands on approach (not just exercise) from a physiotherapist to treat correctly. You do not have to live with these unpleasant sensations. Find out more by discussing with your doctor and booking an assessment.

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