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You can find everything you need on the internet except this.

Posted on: February 13th, 2021 by Jeffrey Begg

“Exercises for back pain”

Your joints hurt, so you do what everyone does.  You get online and start your search.  It is outrageous how much information you can discover in the palm of your hand.  Just about every home remedy, supplement, elixir, potion, spell and exercise is available to you – more information than a physiotherapy student is presented with in their 6 year university journey.  And that’s the problem:  Too. Much. Information.

When the restaurant menu has too many choices, that doesn’t really help does it?  You don’t need 18 options.  You actually just need the one thing you want.  And here’s the trouble with your online search for “exercises for low back pain”:
You’re going to come across every possible option – all the ones that don’t apply to you, and before you give up, if you’re lucky and you actually do come across the right solution for you, how are you going to know it’s for you? You don’t have time to try everything.

Yes, I do have the secret

I saw a fellow once who had done his homework and tried a number of “shoulder exercises” he’d found on instagram, facebook, and countless websites.  When I was done with him, and had shown him the 4 key things he needed to do to fix his problem, he said “Jeff, it’s like you have the secret server.”  Well guess what, that’s exactly what your doctor, your neurologist, your orthopedic surgeon and your physiotherapist all have.  The secret server of information.  And more importantly, we know how to weed out the ‘noise’ and set you on the right path.  Having knowledge isn’t enough.  Knowing how to apply it is the key.

So here’s the one thing you can’t find on the internet about back/ shoulder/ knee pain:  The exact thing that YOU need to do.  So if you find it helpful to spend 2 or 3 hours doing your own search, go right ahead.  You’ll barely scratch the surface of what’s out there, but if it works, great, nothing lost, no harm done.  If you get frustrated and want to save time, I’d be happy to put my 50,000 hours of rehab experience to work for you.


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